Harmful Chemicals in Beauty Products - Interview With Estefania Romero From A Healthy Girl's Guide

Interview with Estefania Romero from A Healthy Girls Guide https://www.ahealthygirlsguide.com . 
Estefi shared with us her knowledge about safe beauty products, what to avoid when buying make up and what does living healthy mean to her. 

List of chemicals to look for when shopping for makeup and beauty products. (maybe a printable)
The top things I look to avoid are:
Mineral Oil
Animal Derived Ingredients (Tallow)

The first steps to start "cleaning" your makeup bag?
*share some facts about toxins found in that
- foundation or cc cream ( mineral oil)
- mascara (tallow)
- lipstick (led)

Tell us your beauty routine?
- Morning and night: cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer
- MakeUp: CC cream, powder foundation, mascara and brown pencil
- Once a week facial: Exfoliating scrub, red clay mask, genius ultra and nourishing oil
Never go to sleep with makeup on

What's your top 3 must-have beauty products?
Share benefits and ingredients
- clay mask
- serum
- cc cream

Where can we find you?
You can follow me and contact me through my Instagram and my blog
@ahealthygirlsguide / www.ahealthygirlsguide.com