How to Stay Open to New Things


Love what you love and love what you do❤️

It all started a year ago, I had just moved to New Jersey I was open to trying new things. New place, new people, new experiences. I made a delicious smoothie, I don’t know why I grabbed my camera, I only used it on special occasions, shot the photo on automatic, hey looks good! I uploaded on IG , people loved it!  one  year later, I am so passionate about food photography and food styling, I am turning this passion/hobby into a profitable business. It’s been a learning process for me in all aspects ,but it’s been fun and I love it 😍 stay open to learn new things, you never know what can happen. Never say I know everything, continue to learn and evolve , STAY OPEN TO LEARN. If you don’t know how to do something find the people and the resources to learn how to. I enrolled in @foodbloggerpro and @nicoleculver programs they have made my life so much easier . Oh by the way, I took that picture myself 🤣📷with a remote of course 😉