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The Magic of Palo Santo (Holy Wood)

The Magic of Palo Santo (Holy Wood)


If you follow my IG stories (If youre not, you’re missing out lol). You have probably seen me walking around my house with a burning wood stick that looks like a joint hahaha.If you have never heard of Palo Santo, it makes me very happy to talk about it because it is one of the great treasures of the South American jungle and has been an important part of our culture for hundreds of years. Its smell is so rich and powerful that it was considered a sacred tree by ancient cultures, like the Incas, who burned bits of the trunk in shamanistic rituals to communicate better with the gods.

What is Palo Santo ?

Palo santo comes from a tree that only grows in the tropical regions of South America, mainly in Peru and Ecuador. Its scientific name is bursera graveolens. The natives indians not only used it in rituals, but also as medicine to cleanse the energy of people and physical illnesses. In traditional medicine, all parts of the plant are usable. The leaves and barks are boiled in infusion and used as an antiseptic for infections and fungi of the skin; to combat rheumatism, promote sweating in patients with fevers, against vaginal hemorrhages, flu and even as an insecticide.

The use of Palo Santo has spread and popularized to this day in various spiritual practices and aromatherapy. The secret of this wonderful tree is its composition: it contains a substance called limonene, responsible for the characteristic smell of citrus fruits, which has supposed antioxidant and anticancer properties.

How can you use Palo Santo?

It is mainly sold in the form of pieces of wood; but it is also sold as essential oil, powder, or incense mixed with other herbs. I love to burn it after I am done cleaning my house, I feel It cleanses the energy in my house.

  • Light a flame and wait for the Palo Santo to light up.

  • Let it burn between 30 seconds and 1 minute, then turn off the flame.

  • Allow the smoke to wander through all the space you want to purify.

  • While the smoke does its job, you can recite your favorite affirmations or mantras, adapted for the occasion.

  • Leave the wood in a non-flammable container.

  • You can reuse the same piece several times.

  • You can use it not only for spaces, but to purify objects such as clothing, crystals or jewelry.

Why you should use Palo Santo?

It symbolizes purification, cleanliness, rebirth, protection and good energies. light it up when you feel you need to detoxify, get rid of negative energies or before doing some ritual. In aromatherapy it is used to heal emotional traumas. Relieves flu, headaches, inflammation and allergies.

Even if you are not interested in cleansing rituals, you still might want to keep a stick of Palo Santo handy. Its smoke and essential oil actually make a good natural alternative to insect repellent. And seriously, who doesn't feel an increase in negative energy while getting eating alive by mosquitos?

If nothing else, burning Palo Santo smells fantastic (like a blend of citrus, pine, and mint), and it's almost definitely cheaper than a scented candle. No matter why you use it, I am pretty sure your home will be better for it.

I hope you enjoy this information and try some Palo Santo, youn can get yours here



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